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#include <DelphesClasses.h>

Inheritance diagram for Tower:

Public Member Functions

const CompBase * GetCompare () const
TLorentzVector P4 ()

Data Fields

Float_t ET
Float_t Eta
Float_t Phi
Float_t E
Float_t Eem
Float_t Ehad
Float_t Edges [4]
TRefArray Particles

Static Public Attributes

static CompBase * fgCompare = CompE<Tower>::Instance()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 343 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Member Function Documentation

const CompBase* Tower::GetCompare ( ) const

Definition at line 360 of file DelphesClasses.h.

TLorentzVector Tower::P4 ( )

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Field Documentation

Float_t Tower::ET

Definition at line 346 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::Eta

Definition at line 347 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::Phi

Definition at line 348 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::E

Definition at line 350 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::Eem

Definition at line 352 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::Ehad

Definition at line 353 of file DelphesClasses.h.

Float_t Tower::Edges[4]

Definition at line 355 of file DelphesClasses.h.

TRefArray Tower::Particles

Definition at line 357 of file DelphesClasses.h.

CompBase * Tower::fgCompare = CompE<Tower>::Instance()

Definition at line 359 of file DelphesClasses.h.

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