checkmate is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Getting Started

Setting up Root

Checking Root installation

CheckMATE uses ROOT for a variety of tasks and relies on the detector simulation Delphes which is also based on ROOT. Therefore, it is inevitable that all users has a fully working ROOT installation available on their system.
Furthermore, CheckMATE uses some ROOT packages which are not installed automatically and which may need to be added. Due to the large size of the ROOT source code, we refrained from including it in our package and instead provide a step-by-step tutorial to check, update or install ROOT from scratch.

If you have no idea if ROOT is available for you, try root-config --prefix --has-minuit2 inside the terminal. If you are already familiar with ROOT and use a local installation, just call the local /bin/root-config executable

If the command returned something like command not found or The program is currently not installed, you don't have ROOT available and we need to install it. Please enter below the directory where you want ROOT to be installed (e.g. something like /home/programs/root)

If, however, the root-config command returned a directory followed by yes or nor, please enter the directory below, select the corresponding answer and hit the button to continue.