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Getting Started

Setting up ROOT

Installing ROOT

IMPORTANT!!! Delphes is currently only compatible with ROOT 5.xx, DO NOT INSTALL ROOT 6!

You must download the source and install ROOT from scratch. Please do not use the ROOT precompiled binaries but follow these instructions, since we encountered internal linking problems with the binary version of ROOT. Start by downloading the source files for the latest version xyz from and unpack the tarball as follows: gzip -dc root_xyz.source.tar.gz | tar -xf -
cd root
After downloading ROOT you can choose where you would like the installation located with the --prefix parameter. We will call this directory [rootdir]. ./configure --enable-python --enable-roofit --enable-minuit2 --prefix=[rootdir] --etcdir=[rootdir]
Before you continue, please check the output of the configure command, especially:

  • Did any error message occur due to which the configure command could not finish successfully?
  • Do 'roofit', 'minuit2' and 'python' all appear in the final 'Enabled support for' line?

If any of the above failed, please investigate and try to fix the problems before you continue compiling ROOT. If you don't know how to solve your problem, feel free to contact us or have a look at the FAQ.

As soon as the configure command terminates successfully, you can continue with make ROOT is large, so go and have a (big) cup of coffee or tea in the meanwhile. After a successful completion, please hit: make install On some machines make install returns the error that it cannot create certain etc/[...] directories. In that case, please rerun the ./configure step with the same arguments as above, plus --etcdir=[rootdir]/etc.

You can check if everything worked if [rootdir]/bin/root-config --has-python --has-roofit --has-minuit2 returns yes yes yes.
Everything Worked. Let's continue installing CheckMATE.
Something went wrong.