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Getting Started

Setting Up Python

The Python installation you have does not fit the requirements!

Please visit the Python webpage for the newest 2.7.X release (not the newest 3.Y.Z version!) and download the corresponding 'Gzipped source tar ball'. Extract it by using tar -zxf FILE and enter the directory you have just created, which includes the Python source code. In the following, [pythonpath] denotes the installation directory, into which you want to install Python. You can do this easily by using the following set of commands from within the Python source folder. mkdir [pythonpath]
mkdir [pythonpath]/lib
./configure --enable-shared --prefix=[pythonpath] LDFLAGS="-L[pythonpath]/lib -Wl,-rpath [pythonpath]/lib"
make install
If the compilation finishes without any error messages, you can re-test your fresh Python installation: [pythonpath]/bin/python -V which should return the desired version number 2.7.X with X larger than 3.
It worked. Continue with setting up ROOT
Something went wrong