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Tutorial - Part 2: Finding an exclusion line


Now that you know how to generate events and how to find the respective cross section, let us apply this knowledge on a new model. We will also investigate how to use Pythia8 within CheckMATE to simultaneously generate and test events. Also,let us go a step further and not only exclude a single point within this model but let us test various points in parameter space to find an exclusion line.

For the model we will choose a simplified (and also quite boring) SUSY scenario, in which only the gluino is produced which then decays with 100% probablity into the lightest neutralino and a pair of light Standard Model quarks. The two free parameters are then the gluino mass and the neutralino mass. The exclusion limit we are trying to reproduce then looks as follows:

Unfortunately, to get enough points to find a reliable exclusion line one needs lots of computational power. For this reason, this part of the tutorial will be a group exercise: Every participant of the tutorial will analyse an individual parameter point and submit his/her result using this webpage. All results are then automatically combined into one exclusion plot, which hopefully will be very similar to the one the experiment quotes.

To get your very own parameter point, please enter your first name and the first letter of your last name: