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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my limit match ATLAS/CMS?

The ATLAS/CMS limits are set with no theoretical uncertainty on the signal. If a theoretical uncertainty is specified in the CheckMATE run, we include this as a Gaussian distributed error when calculating the CLs value (or subtract 1.96*error from the signal when calculating the 'r' value). Thus the limit will be more conservative than the official result. If you want to reproduce the official limit simply set the theoretical error equal to zero.

In addition, the statistical error associated with the limited number of Monte-Carlo events is ALWAYS included. If this statistical error is the dominant error in the analysis CheckMATE prints the warning 'Warning: Error is dominated by Monte Carlo statistics!'. In this case additional Monte-Carlo events should be produced to reduce the uncertainty.

The relevant errors in the signal regions of interest can be found in 'best_signal_regions.txt'.

ROOT does not seem to find Python.h when I run configure!

On a Linux machine, python is usually already installed. However, the package python-dev is required if you want to compile any other tool linking to it. You should therefore, if you have administrator rights, use sudo apt-get install python-dev (or equivalent) to install it. If you cannot run sudo, follow the tutorial here and install Python locally. Due to the --enable-shared option, the header file should be accessible for ROOT.

Compilation aborts right at the beginning with make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'all'. Stop.!

Check the output when you run ./configure. If it contains ./configure: 6: ./configure: tclsh: not found, it means you need to install an interpreter for tcl on your system. On linux, this is easily done by running sudo apt-get install tclsh.